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AIM’s expert marketers will target your audience and drive clicks to your ads. Unlock the power of targeted campaigns, optimization, and measurable results that drive higher conversions.

We are partners with Google and Bing, reaching millions of searchers. But only bid on how much you’re willing to pay for each click to your ad.

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Clear Campaign Goals

AIM will help you identify your target audience, demographic, customer behaviors and pain points. Once this information is known, we’ll deploy specific strategies through Google and Bing. AIM will then identify the most valuable conversion actions across your target segments and website that drive the revenue for your business.

Our goal is the success of your campaign and enabling you to connect with your audience on a deeper level to achieve your campaign objectives.

Comprehensive Keyword Research

Using Google tools, third-party tools, and competitive analysis, AIM experts research which search terms your ideal customers use at different stages of the marketing funnel. We then group the search terms into strategic campaigns based on those ideal customer profiles, goals, and keywords.

Once we launch the campaigns, we analyze the live search terms that are driving revenue to your website. Throughout your campaign, our experts will recommend ad copy based on your website, business model, and business needs, and carefully craft your ad messaging to enhance ad engagement over time.

Campaign Structuring

Campaign structuring is very important for the perfect Google or Bing ad strategy.

With your ideal customer profiles at top of mind, AIM experts will use best practices to foster your campaign to perform at their peak performance. This strategy includes ongoing recommendations over time that could be as simple as shifting a budget to a more complex strategy deployment based on your business needs.

We ensure we have the proper ad groups within the proper campaigns set up to make sure your budget is being maximized.

Strategy Testing

Collectively, our team has over 30 years of experience in Pay Per Click campaign management. We deploy best practices and techniques that allow a user to find the most relevant content and impact your company’s bottom line on website conversions.

Our team of Google and Bing experts will carefully suggest deploying at various times new tactics, strategies, and pivots as the markets change and campaigns evolve.

Budget Management

Through leveraging our tracking and reporting platforms, AIM consistently optimizes the performance of your campaigns to increase your ROI/ROAS (return on ad spend). This constant attention to detail allows us to help you achieve your key performance indicators. We then scale your online digital marketing efforts to diminishing returns and pivot the strategy as needed.

Our team uses a variety of tactics to ensure every penny of your ad spend dollars is being spent efficiently and is as impactful as possible. We treat your business as if it were our own.

Google Ads Best Practices

There are many places to listen to market updates with Google Ads Best Practices.

We are a verified Google ads partner with personal connection to our reps. We stay updated on all the best practices and have our campaigns reviewed by Google reps.