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A digital strategy for tech companies is a significant aspect of a broad marketing strategy. As more people and businesses search for technology solutions, it’s essential to establish a presence and build trust. Connect with potential customers with compelling ads, optimized website content, and dynamic audio and video assets. AIM has the solution for your technology marketing needs.

AIM experts will show you how to create a marketing plan to reach customers online and grow revenue and sales. Our transparent reports offer ways to track behaviors, allowing you to retarget people who have shown interest or who have previously used your services. Digital marketing benefits your company no matter what your area of expertise is, whether it’s IT, SAAS, managed service provider, cloud solutions provider or online marketing. We want to see your business grow and establish your online authority.

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Boost visibility with Search Engine Optimization.

Pay Per Click

Pay only when customers click on targeted ads.

Display Advertising

Grow brand visibility and drive website traffic.

Local Audiences

Connect with and leverage loyal audiences in our six unique local radio markets.