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Frequently Asked Question

Why should I consider working with your team for Digital?

We are transparent with our reporting, offering real-time data with comprehensive dashboards. You will receive excellent support from our experienced team of professionals. We are a Google Partner, Google Certified and have access to the latest Google tools and techniques. 

I already have a Digital person. Why do i need you?

That’s great, we’re glad Digital is an important part of your advertising. Let’s set up a conversation to explore your current campaign and see if theres anything we might do to complement or improve. If you’re open to it – we can provide a 3rd Party “Audit” to identify opportunities for your existing digital marketing campaigns.  

What would your team do differently?

We need  details to provide specifics. To illustrate one possible outcome, we try to bring in all your digital components under one platform. When we optimize together, we can be as efficient and effective as possible. 

How do I know I’m getting good pricing?

We buy direct. Bonneville is a Media Company in multiple markets with Radio, TV, Web and Digital assets. We’re able to manage all your Digital marketing and take it off your plate with our in-house team of digital specialists. 

How might Audience in motion improve performance?

We need to do a deep dive to determine all the specifics. However, one of the strategic advantages of partnering with Audience in Motion is our ability to consistently improve your digital marketing results.

How do you keep up with all of Google’s updates, changes, revisions?

As a Google Certified Agency,  it’s our core responsibility to keep up with all of Google’s updates, algorithm changes, targeting policies, etc.  We are always testing Goolge’s latest products to make sure we are at the forefront of the digital marketing landscape. 

how do you improve the performance of our campaigns?

We specialize in optimizing your campaigns to achieve your digital marketing goals at a lower cost per result.  Using A.I. and Smart Bidding together with our hands-on approach, we make sure you are getting the most bang out of your marketing bucks.

I’m doing the Digital myself, what can you do that I can't do on my own?

We look to improve efficiencies and effectiveness. This includes coordinating multiple ads for A/B testing to optimize. We specialize in finding the right balance between performance and cost, accounting for many different variables. We follow your customer through the entire purchase funnel and continue through their secondary actions for more robust ROI reporting. 

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